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Traditional coiled straw archery targets

High tech materials for long lasting bosses

Special flat shooting surface

Extra thickness for less pass throughs

Manufactured in the UK since the 1950’s, we grow, cut and bale all our own straw

Easier to move and more efficient to store compared to other “bulkier” targets

Used by Archers, Clubs and Associations all around the World making it one
of the biggest selling archery targets in its generation

For the authentic look you can’t beat a row of Egertec Targets

Archery targets


Archery Straw Targets

128cm 1st Quality
Egertec Target


£179.00 each inc vat

£30 P&P 44kgs

85cm 1st Quality
Egertec Target


£109.00 each inc vat

£20 P&P 20kgs

Archery Straw Targets

Big savings
on bulk purchases
please contact us for a specific quote

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