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BACK STOP Netting  


Egertec backstop netting Includes hanging wire and stainless rings.


All Egertec netting is 3m in height and 400gsm in weight.

Egertec back stop netting is the best archery netting money can buy. Heavy duty to stop all arrows



Backstop netting is designed to be hung loose like a curtain, never pulled tight as this will reduce it's stopping power. Order net at least 20% wider than the area being covered for best results.

Standard colour white. Green is available.



size: 6ft x 10ft £79

size:9ft x 10ft £99 

size: 12ft x 10ft £129

size: 15ft x 10ft £159

size: 20ft x 10ft £200

size: 30ft x 10ft £299

size:: 39ft x 10ft £379

Special order 82ft (25m) x 10ft £625


Special Delivery item around 1 week.

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